My name is Diane Méry, I am a Graphic Designer based in Paris and opened to work for other places in the world remotely. My curiosity for mostly everything brought me to be multidisciplinary in my job and to do visual experimentations in my spare time. I mainly do Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Digital Content, Web Design and UX/UI, but I also like to play with Layout, Signage, Infographic, Illustration and Photography.

I studied in Paris, having a Master’s degree of Art Direction from Intuit.lab – School of design and creative strategy – and a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts from la Sorbonne. I also have a Master’s degree of Marketing from Iéseg, School of management. It led me to work a bit on the Marketing side, giving me a broad vision on creative projects I’m involved in.

Among others, I worked with Dragon Rouge, Parties Prenantes, Market Value, National Geographic and I am currently working as a Graphic Designer at Superbolt.

Since 2017, I am also a Freelancer in Graphic Design so don’t hesitate to reach me for any collaboration.

For more information, please find links below to my Linkedin page, my Instagram account or feel free to contact me 😉